Cherishing the imperfect and the fleeting: Sacred Wisdom Texts Workshop on May 21st

Looking around our 20+ year old house, I see much to love, including the dingy and worn. The beige paint is peeling close to the windowsill. We must replace our gutters – They are unlevel with the roof and becoming more fragile each day. Basho, 17th century Japanese haiku master and a follower of Zen Buddhism, celebrates these qualities in his verse: “spring rain — / down along a wasp’s nest, water / leaking through the roof.” How can a Buddhist view of this imperfect, perishing world and of all things as interdependent help me be more compassionate towards others and kinder to myself? The Spiritual Gateways Series, Sacred Wisdom Texts Session on May 21 at Sylvan Pathways in Greensboro, NC

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